The winning formula

Learn how to fuel and train for accelerated, incredible results


Everything you need in one program

If you eat better, you’ll lose some weight and feel more energetic. If you exercise, you’ll get stronger and look a little better. But the biggest impact is felt when you combine fitness & nutrition. Fueling your workouts and your recovery with high quality foods will accelerate your progress and help you blow past plateus, making this the winning formula for Ballistic Performance.

The Nutrition

1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching tailored to you

Our approach is simple: meet you where you’re at and guide you to your goals. We provide the one-on-one attention, accountability, guidance, and education necessary to form healthy habits and adopt a lifestyle that is conducive to your goals.


24/6 access to your Nutrition Coaches

We’ll make sure you never have to Google anything about nutrition or fitness again. You’ll get direct answers as it relates to you, not someone else. You will meet with your nutrition coach weekly on the platform of your choice, whether it's Zoom, the phone, email or text. It can vary week to week and is entirely upto you. We keep you accountable, motivated and supported on your journey to your best body and life.

Create the lifestyle and habits to win

We help you with slowly-built, long-lasting habits that empower you to build a balanced relationship with food. We’ll make sure this is the last time you start again. Become a grocery store master, and learn to fuel yourself for the life that you want to live.


The Fitness

Complete guidance from warm-up to cool down

Never feel lost working out again. Every exercise is in your workout for a reason, and is explained in detail from beginning to end, so you’ll never be left guessing “Am I doing this right?”


Every workout hits the right intensity

Our workouts are intelligently engineered to build your best physique without breaking down your body. Each workout features an easy to follow format that makes the most of your time.

- Begin with your warm-up which is specifically designed for the day’s movements.

- Build your foundation with muscle-growth promoting strength exercises.

- Learn to move correctly through controlled, methodical movements that focus on technique.

- Work up a sweat with moderate to high-intensity intervals that keep training exciting and motivating.

- Finish with a cool down and a sense of accomplishment every time your train.

We’ll help you choose the right workout

We’ll help you choose between our three training programs, MOVE, BUILD, and PERFORM to give you a complete fitness experience tailored to you!


A fitness program designed to get you off the couch, out of the office, and into a better quality of life.


An aesthetic-based program that focuses on a simple goal: build a better physique without breaking down your body.


PERFORM is a training program designed to awaken the athlete in you. It was inspired by Derrick's experiences in NCAA Division 1 strength and conditioning at the University of Pittsburgh, high school sport performance, and CrossFit.


with others

Our private Facebook Member’s Group helps you stay on track with:

Meet other people who are training for their best life

Weekly mindset prompts

'Office Hours' to chat and answer questions

Member success stories

Recipes and cooking tips

Merch/Gear releases

Online doesn’t mean impersonal.
It means all the expertise and support of a personal trainer in your phone, with the freedom to train when it suits you.

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    Popular Questions

    Why do I have to commit for 3 months?

    We believe in slowly built, long-lasting habits that empower you to build a healthy, sustainable relationship with food – there are no ‘quick fixes’.

    The 3-month commitment ensures that you get the most out of the program and create a solid foundation upon which to learn and progress.

    What happens if I start the program and decide it’s not for me?

    If after the first 3 months you decide our program isn't the on for you, just email hello@trainballistic.com at least 48 hours prior to your renewal date and we will cancel the membership for you.

    What happens if I need to pause/freeze my membership?

    We offer up to a four-week hold on your membership, so you can take that trip or grind through a busy time at work without worry. 


    Email hello @trainballistic.com
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