Our Story

Beliefs, values, mission, and origins


Our Why

We believe high-intensity group fitness has an expiration date. On a long enough timeline, EVERYONE evolves beyond group classes.

We believe that nutrition challenges and fad diets do more harm than good. Anything that requires you to restrict or omit entire food groups or track every lick, bite, and taste of food is NOT sustainable.

If you’re consistent, diligent, and work your a$$ off in the gym (and the kitchen), eventually, you’ll need more than group classes and nutrition challenges.

That is the "why" behind Ballistic Performance.

Our mission is to help people fall back in love with training, eliminate aches and pains, establish sustainable habits around nutrition, and look damn good naked.

Our Story

Ash and I used to be fire-breathing, take no prisoners fitness fanatics. We were the folks who showed up 30 minutes early to stretch and mobilize, carried a duffle bag full of knee sleeves, wraps, and straps, and stayed 30 minutes late to complete our "accessory work." We were "those guys" who tracked every workout, knew all our benchmark times by heart, and finished every workout in the fetal position, sizzling in a puddle of sweat.

We LOVED every second of it. We were ADDICTED to fitness. I'd go so far as to say our identities were fitness. Everyone knew us as the "fit couple," the people who wouldn't eat a slice of cake or drink at the bar, who needed to bring dumbbells, resistance bands, and a rower (yes, we did that) on vacation every summer.

Eventually, our bodies decided they were done getting the $h!t kicked out of them every day, and we no longer could keep up with the monotony and tediousness of logging our food. We were ALWAYS tired, irritable, and needed a 35-minute warm-up to move without pain. Ash's shoulder and elbows began to ache, my knees were shot, and neither of us wanted to train. We despised training; we hated even being in the gym.

We needed a new way to train.

Through trial and error, we began piecing together a program that allowed us to maintain our athletic physiques, gave us a break from the intensity of group classes, and let our bodies heal. Today, we call it the "BUILD" program.

Since then, we've created three additional programs (MOVE, PERFORM, and ASCEND), expanded our nutrition coaching services, and developed a system to help people fall back in love with training, establish sustainable habits around nutrition, and look and feel their best.


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