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Build a better physique without breaking down your body.

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What is it?

BUILD is an aesthetic-based program (think commercial gyms, bodybuilding, and split routines) that consists of two or three upper body days and two lower body days per week. Whether you’re looking for weight loss or muscle gain, the goal is simple: look good and feel great.

Who's it for?

Tell us if this sounds familiar

Your plate is full

You’re extremely busy with family and other life commitments

You want to get back to how you used to look and feel

You’re burned out on CrossFit, Orange Theory, and F45 

You're reaching for more

You’re a fitness enthusiast who knows their stuff, but you want the guidance and accountability of a coach

You want to train smarter and eat better

You’re self-motivated and ready for change 

You just want something that really works

You’re confused by the fads, gimmicks, and misinformation that Fitspos post on Instagram

You want to look better naked and feel like you did in your early 20’s

You want to cultivate a lifestyle that you’re proud to live and share with your loved ones

Sound like you?

Then BUILD is your perfect program!

What makes it special?

You'll receive guidance, education, demonstration, structure, convenience, community, and most importantly, evidence-based programming that will help you build a better physique without breaking down your body.

Complete guidance from warm-up to cool down

Never feel lost working out again. Every exercise is in your workout for a reason, and is explained in detail from beginning to end, so you’ll never be left guessing “Am I doing this right?”


Videos of every movement

We ensure your success by giving you detailed video instructions for every movement, so you know you’re moving exactly the right way for maximum results.

A training schedule you can stick to

Exercise should fit into your life, not require you to fit your life around it. That's why you can see your entire month of training ahead of time, so you can plan your days and weeks for success. Say goodbye to losing motivation because your exercise schedule is designed for someone else’s lifestyle.


Every workout hits the right intensity

Our workouts are intelligently engineered to build your best physique without breaking down your body. Each workout features an easy to follow format that makes the most of your time.

- Begin with your warm-up which is specifically designed for the day’s movements.

- Build your foundation with muscle-growth promoting strength exercises.

- Learn to move correctly through controlled, methodical movements that focus on technique.

- We live and die by the clock. Too often, you lose the desired outcome of the workout because of too much rest between sets or distractions. BUILD keeps you engaged the whole time.

- Finish with a cool down and a sense of accomplishment every time your train.

Workouts delivered straight to your phone

Tired of using PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets and Instagram videos to follow your workouts? Your Move program is delivered straight to your phone via our dedicated app. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket.


with others

Our private Facebook Member’s Group helps you stay on track with:

Meet other people who are training for their best life

Weekly mindset prompts

'Office Hours' to chat and answer questions

Member success stories

Recipes and cooking tips

Merch/Gear releases

What will it do?

BUILD will reignite your passion for training. You'll move toward your goals without nearly blacking out from Burpees and Thrusters - no more sizziling in a puddle of your own sweat in the fetal position. BUILD will transform your physique, increase your confidence, and most importantly, leave you feeling good and looking great.

Online doesn’t mean impersonal.
It means all the expertise and support of a personal trainer in your phone, with the freedom to train when it suits you.

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Popular Questions

What happens if I start the program and decide it’s not for me?

Our Build and Move programs are billed monthly, and you're free to cancel whenever you want. Just email hello@trainballistic.com at least 48 hours prior to your renewal date and we will cancel the membership for you, no questions asked.

What happens if I need to pause/freeze my membership?

We offer up to a four-week hold on your membership, so you can take that trip or grind through a busy time at work without worry.

Do you offer couples or family discounts?

Yes we do! We offer a spouse/family membership plan for $19/month for the second active member to be set up with their own TrainHeroic profile and access to additional, member-only features.


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