Get ready to PERFORM

Everyone loves a good comeback.


Feel athletic and dominate life

PERFORM is a training program designed to awaken the athlete in you. It's the structure and discipline that you need to achieve your fitness goals, the challenge and motivation necessary to relentlessly pursue "better," and the camaraderie of sport that makes you fall in love with the process.

Who's it for?

Tell us if this sounds familiar

You were an All-star, All-conference, All-american athlete

You want to feel athletic again

You're self-motivated, disciplined, and driven

You're a die-hard fitness enthusiast who wants more

You know your stuff, but you want the guidance and accountability of a coach

You want a program that will build you up, not beat you up

You have specific strength and/or performance goals

You want to dominate church league softball, crush pick-up basketball, and run circles around your friends during the annual Thanksgiving 'touch' football game

Sound like you?

Then PERFORM is your perfect program!

What makes it special?

You'll receive guidance, education, demonstration, convenience, and most importantly, planned, structured, and purposeful programming designed to build you up, not beat you up

PERFORM was inspired by Derrick's experiences in NCAA Division 1 strength and conditioning at the University of Pittsburgh, high school sport performance, and CrossFit

Complete guidance from start to finish

  • You'll know exactly what to do
  • You'll know when to work, when to rest, and how long it should take to complete the sets, reps, and/or rounds.
  • You'll know the purpose of every exercise

Videos of every movement

  • You'll know exactly what the movement should look like
  • You'll never need to interupt your session with YouTube and Google searches
  • You'll know exactly what needs to be done in order to maximze results

A realistic training schedule

  • Training should fit into your life, not consume it
  • You'll train for 60 minutes, 4-5 days per week
  • You'll be able to see the entire phase (6-8 weeks) in advance
  • You'll be able to plan your training around your life, not the other way around

Training sessions designed to build you up, not beat you up

Our training sessions are intelligently engineered to enhance "performance" without compromising quality of life.

  • Begin with your warm-up which is specifically designed for that specific training session
  • Build power and speed with athletic, full-body exercises
  • Develop strength, balance, and coordination with functional movements
  • Improve cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, and anaerobic capacity with interval training
  • Enhance mobility and flexibility with 10-minutes of basic body maintenance 2-3 days per week

Programs delivered straight to your phone

Tired of using PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets and Instagram videos to follow your workouts? The PERFORM program is delivered straight to your phone via the TrainHeroic app. It’s like having your coach in your pocket.


with your 'teammates'

Our private, Members-Only Facebook group helps you connect with like-minded people who are pursuing similar goals.

Additionally, in the group, we offer:

  • Weekly mindset prompts
  • 'Office Hours' to chat and answer questions
  • Member success stories
  • Recipes and meal prep hacks
  • Merch/Gear releases

Online doesn’t mean impersonal.
It means all the expertise and guidance of your coach on your phone, with the freedom to train at a place and time that suits you.

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Popular Questions

What happens if I start the program and decide it’s not for me?

Our Build and Move programs are billed monthly, and you're free to cancel whenever you want. Just email hello@trainballistic.com at least 48 hours prior to your renewal date and we will cancel the membership for you, no questions asked.

What happens if I need to pause/freeze my membership?

We offer up to a four-week hold on your membership, so you can take that trip or grind through a busy time at work without worry.

Do you offer couples or family discounts?

Yes we do! We offer a spouse/family membership plan for $19/month for the second active member to be set up with their own TrainHeroic profile and access to additional, member-only features.


Email hello @trainballistic.com
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