Sport Performance Training

Advancing Athletes



Accountability, guidance, and support

No more second-guessing technique, questioning whether they're doing enough weight, or spending hours on Google and YouTube trying to piecemeal a program for your son, daughter, or team.

  • Your athlete will receive real-time feedback and instruction
  • They'll develop proper technique, ensuring they get fitter and stay injury free
  • They'll learn about fitness (and nutrition) from knowledgeable, credible coaches who have their best interest at heart

We offer various training packages/pricing options.


Exercises and drills your athlete needs

In order to achieve their performance goals, your athlete needs workouts specific to their experience, injuries/limitations, and sport.

  • They'll follow evidence-based workouts that get results
  • They'll train in a private facility with top of the line equipment
  • They'll perform exercises that develop the skills they need to excel on the field, court, mat, or pool

We offer various training packages/pricing options.



Durability, longevity, and resilience

More time on the field, court, mat, or pool is more opportunity to showcase skill and athleticism. Your athlete needs to be durable and resilient year-round.

  • They'll develop greater mechanics, learn to generate (and transmit) force more effective, and build resilience
  • They'll perform flexibility and mobility exercises that improve range of motion
  • They'll learn the value in basic body maintenance, proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep 

We offer various training packages/pricing options.


Fueling elite performance

Sports nutrition doesn't need to be complex. Your athlete needs fuel to perform. They need adequate amounts of protein and fat, and they need to understand that carbs are KING in athletics. We simplify nutrition and provide recommendations to move your athlete to the next level.

  • They'll learn the basics of sports nutrition and what's necessary to outlast and outplay their opponent
  • They'll develop a better, healthier relationship with food
  • They'll follow practical recommendations that increase energy throughout the day and enhance on-field performance

We offer various training packages/pricing options.


Why Ballistic?

What sets us apart

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10 years of experience

Certified Strength and Conditoning Specialist

Certified USA Weightlifting Coach

Certified Nutrition Coach


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