Who am I?


In a recent post, I spoke of Self-Awareness, and that when we understand who we are and what we believe in, we are freed from judgement and expectation.

So what is Self-awareness? Self awareness may be defined as the conscious knowledge of one’s own beliefs, values, attributes, and characteristics. In other words, it is the recognition and acceptance of who you are as an individual. Now the question becomes, how do we develop a greater and more accurate sense of self-awareness?

Often, the way we perceive ourselves does not align with the perceptions of the world around us. Regardless of what we believe about ourselves, it is those closest to us (family and friends) who know the truth. These people see the ‘real’ version of you. They are witness to all seasons of
your life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you want to develop and/or refine your sense of self-awareness, have a conversation with your closest confidant and ask the following questions:

What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?

This sounds like a simple task, yet you would be shocked at how incredibly difficult it is to get the truth. Most people will not give you an honest answer. Why? Because you probably don’t want to hear what they have to say. It is likely going to be uncomfortable and upsetting. In order for this conversation to be effective, you must be in the right state of mind. You must be willing to accept the truth. The individual needs to understand that you are prepared to receive the feedback they are about to provide, and that you are going to use this information to lead a more fulfilling life. It is only once we have this information that we are able to truly understand who we are and what we believe.

The picture above is a visual expression of who I believe myself to be. It is the result of conversation, application, and self-reflection. There are times when I fail to represent the characteristics, attributes, and beliefs that are presented. However, that does not imply hypocrisy or failure. Rather, it simply means I am human.

So, ask yourself the question,
“Who am I?”


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