The Problem with Online Training Programs


Sift through the bullshit.

There are A LOT of online training programs. Thanks to COVID, we have thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of so-called fitness experts bombarding you with programs, recommendations, and diets that are "guaranteed" to get you toned, shredded, and strong AF. These influencers and wannabe coaches look like demigods chiseled from marble, so they must know what they're talking about, right? Their programs must work, right?

Unfortunately, most online programs are steaming piles of dogshit. We signed up for dozens of free trials, many from well-known fitness influencers considered to be the pinnacles of the industry. Most programs fell short regarding exercise order and selection, volume, rest intervals, tempo, and conditioning. These are essential to an efficient and effective training program that generates long-lasting results. Not to mention the fact that many programs failed to provide/prescribe warm-ups, intensities (percentages, Rate Perceived Exertion (RPE), Reps in Reserve (RIR), etc), or rest intervals. Lastly, if you want to complete the laundry list of drills, exercises, and accessory work prescribed in most programs, you better carve out at least 90-120 minutes.

New season of life.

You're not 22 years old anymore.

You're not chasing 1RM and PRs.

You're not interested in walking on your hands or drilling muscle-up progressions.

You're tired of high-intensity metcons and Olympic weightlifting.

You're tired of the stress and anxiety you feel every time you hear "3,2,1...Go!"

You don't have 60, 90, or 120+ minutes to bullshit at the gym - you've got a family, career, and social life that brings SIGNIFICANTLY more fulfillment than hitting a PR on Fran.


New seaon, new goals.

You want to spend less time in the gym, see more results, and live a better life.

You want to fall back in love with the gym - have fun during your workouts, get a good pump, and leave feeling invigorated, not exhausted.

You want to feel better in real life - hanging out with your kids, coaching the local little league team, playing pick-up basketball, having fantastic sex with your spouse, and feeling confident when you look in the mirror.

You're NOT alone - we're right there with you.

Our goals and desires have changed as we've transitioned into this new season and our new roles as parents. We needed to shift our mindset around training and "reset" our PRs. Training is no longer about being the fittest (or biggest) in the gym, having the fastest time on the workout, or never taking a rest day. Our goal is simple:

Train less. See more [results]. Live better.

Introducing FORGE.

FORGE is the evolution of the BUILD program, tailored for busy parents (and professionals) seeking a sustainable path to fitness without the burnout of high-intensity workouts, time-consuming training sessions, and the associated chronic aches/pains. FORGE focuses on health, longevity, and functionality over obsessing with physique and PRs.

FORGE offers three lifts and one optional aerobic (low-to-moderate intensity) conditioning session per week. Sessions are 35-45 minutes and consist of no more than six exercises per session to ensure focused, efficient workouts. Additionally, FORGE utilizes interval-based sets with prescribed rest and tempos, promoting safer, more effective training that produces results. Finally, FORGE provides enough consistency to see results, but not so much that you get bored of the sessions. Finding the balance between the two is essential for progress and long-term success, so we switch up the exercises every three weeks in the program.

It's ideal for:

  • Busy parents (and professionals) who are short on time.
  • Ex-CrossFitters
  • Orange Theory and group fitness junkies looking to focus on more specific goals. 
  • Folks with home gyms.

It's NOT for:

  • Gym bros, bodybuilders, and wannabe fitness influencers obsessed with Sam Sulek, questionable supplements, and posting videos of themselves
  • Machine and cardio junkies
  • Social-hour gym-goers
  • Newbies

FORGE is our new favorite program; we know it will be yours, too.

Spring Shred Sale

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So, if you're ready to spend less time in the gym, see more results, and thrive out in real life, click the link below to get on the Spring Shred Pre-Sale list and secure your spot.


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