Just Trying to Be Heard in All This Noise


Celebrities, Influencers, Fitspos, Fitchicks, and Shredded Gym Bros, are making so much f#ck!ng NOISE!

Let's kick this conversation off with an interactive exercise:

Take a moment, open Instagram, and go to the Search Page
Select "Tags" and search the following hashtags:


How many half-naked ass shots, six packs, breasts, selfies, and core routines did you see?

Did you see any credible, professional, and/or educational content?

This. Is. The. Problem.

Unless you know who to follow, you're bombarded with these so-called "experts" who claim to have your best interest at heart, when in reality, they're just looking to sell you on the latest Summer Shred Routine, 30-day Cleanse, or 1200-calorie Diet - all of which will NOT solve your problems or move you toward your goals.

The "quick fix" does not exist, yet so many of these #fitspos claim to have created the latest and greatest program designed specifically to help you burn fat, build muscle, run faster, jump higher, and look better naked. Im here to tell you that's all bullshit!

Sex may sell, but it certainly isn't sustainable. Hell, even the influencers who are selling you that "magic pill" or "secret program" know that you're NOT going to see results, and if you do, those results will be short-lived.

The only way to achieve long-lasting results is to engage in programs that prioritize accountability, consistency, and sustainability. The only way that you're going to lose 30-lbs, increase muscle mass, or simply improve overall health is to form new habits and adopt new behaviors. That's it; that's all there is to it! It's really that simple (notice I said simple, NOT easy, and definitely NOT fast).

Now, the good news is that there are plenty of passionate, knowledgable, credible, and experienced coaches in the industry! At this point, you're probably thinking, "Okay, Derrick. I understand what you're saying, but if there are plenty of good coaches out there, why can't I find them on Instagram?" Great question! These coaches are definitely harder to find and you absolutely need to know who and/or what you're looking for when sifting through accounts.

How to identify accounts that you should AVOID:

  • Dozens, if not hundreds of half-naked ass shots and six pack abs
    Continuous promotion of duration-based challenges (e.g. Summer Shreds, Six-week Challenges, 30-Day Cleanses, Core Blaster Ebooks, etc.)
  • Lack of experience, education, and credentials/certifications
  • Negative language surrounding fitness and nutrition (e.g. "earn your carbs," "burn off your food," "you can't eat xyz," etc.)

How to identify accounts that will bring you VALUE and move you toward your goals:

  • Professional, educational, and well-curated feedsImages of fully-clothed men and women
  • Informative carousel slide posts
  • Long-form captions
  • Consistency
  • Experience, education, and purpose/mission listed in the bio
  • Evidence-based information and recommendations
  • Client testimonials
  • Engagement (i.e. he/she responds and interacts in the comments)

Ashley and I follow very few fitness and nutrition-related accounts on Instagram, but I wanted to share our favorites in order to provide you with some examples:

EC Synkowski - @optimizemenutrition
Laura Ligos - @thesassydietitian
Bethany Cora Taylor - @bethanycorataylor
Joelle Samantha - @joellesamantha
Annie Miller - @anniemiller.co
Jordan Syatt - @syattfitness
Carter - @cartergood
Kelly Starrett - @thereadystate
Danielle Kepics - @danielle.marie.pac

Lastly, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT, when you find passionate, experienced, credible, and knowledgable individuals who show up every damn day to provide you with as much value as humanly possible, YOU NEED TO LIKE, SAVE, TAG, and SHARE THEIR CONTENT!

That is the only way to break through the noise. That is the only way to ensure that their voice is heard. That is the only way to reach more people and change more lives.



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