A simple and sustainable way to eat

The so-called experts on social media love to overcomplicate nutrition.

You don't need to avoid certain foods or omit entire food groups. You don't need intermittent fasting, carnivore, or paleo. You don't need to count calories or macros.

There is a more sustainable and practical way to eat...

The Plate Method.

Start with a standard size dinner plate...

  • Fill 1/2 with vegetables (and fruit)
  • Fill 1/4 with protein
  • Fill 1/4 with starchy carbohydrates

It's that simple.

30-minute dumbbell-only workouts

There are four sessions per week (two full-body resistance training and two conditioning).

Each session is 30 minutes and consists of:
5-minute prep
20 minutes of exercise
3-4 minutes of recovery

The clock is going to be your guide for both resistance training and conditioning.

For resistance training, there are three sets per exercise, all sets are performed on a one-minute interval, and there is a one-minute rest between exercises.

For conditioning, the format of the intervals will vary across each week.

An intended stimulus and Rate Perceived Exertion are provided for each session. This is how the workout should feel (e.g., how many reps should be completed without resting, how heavy the loads should be, how quickly each round should be completed, etc.). 


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